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Tips On Drifting

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You may have grown up seeing your older brothers take their cars drifting the second the first snowfall hit. Or, you may have simply grown up hearing about it and always have wanted to try it out for yourself. Many people find drifting very thrilling; perhaps you will too! Before setting off to try it though, perhaps it will help you to read a few tips on drifting first. Below, I will provide you with just that.

First, before you start drifting, you’ll want to practice with a cone. Set the cone up in the middle of a safe location. Then, drive up to it and pull your handbrake in order to do a 180-degree handbrake turn. You’ll want to practice this a few times to get it right—make sure that you are always no more or no less than 180 degrees away from where you began.

You’ll also want to learn to counter-steer. In order to do this, you’ll have to yank the handbrake while at a speed of 30-40 mph—anything below that speed limit will not give you enough momentum to get your car around the cone. While doing so, try to maneuver your car to a destination until the car comes to a stop.

Another method you may want to learn before attempting to drift is the hand brake technique. The steps to this technique are as follows. First, you will need to accelerate and move into a gear with enough room to rev. Then, push in your clutch. Proceed with flicking your steering wheal to the inside of the turn—do so as if you were about to turn it around. Then right away apply some pressure on your gas pedal, let out the clutch, and steer your car in the direction of the slide. Use your throttle to maintain the angle of the drift. Keep in mind that more throttle will cause the car to turn more and also move your car away from the turn center. Less of it will decrease angle and allow your car to move toward the inside of the turn with more freedom.

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