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Seat Belt Restoration


The seat belt is such a common and well known part in vehicles, that we don’t always give them much thought. The seatbelt is a bit more intricate than you may think, and would need repair or replacement in certain situations. A seat belt has several components including the seat belt retractors, seat belt buckles, seat belt tongues, and pillar loops.

The seat belt webbing is the one that is most interacted with as it is what it pulled around your body to help secure you in your seat. It tightens and locks in the event of an accident. Seat belt webbing is very strong. It is made from 100% polyester and has the strength to support more than 28 kNw or 6,000 lbs. It is manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards of the automotive industry. Seat belt webbing does not shrink, rot, mildew or mold. However, though it is strong, it can still get frayed, torn, or chewed up by a dog.

If you notice that your seat belt webbing is not in good condition, Safety Restore can help you with their seat belt restoration service! You want to make sure your seat belt is in fully working condition and will not rip when you need it most. The awesome thing with Safety Restore is not only that they are super affordable, but they also offer many other services for your cars Supplemental Restraint System. This includes cluster repair, airbag module reset, seat belt repair, and seat belt restoration. They can even do custom seat belt webbing colors like red or camo green. Safety Restore is an OEM seat belt repair company so you know it will meet or exceed the FMVSS standards. All of their services come with both a lifetime warranty as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be sure to walk away a satisfied customer along with the thousands of others who rely on Safety Restore. The process to get new seat belt webbing

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