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Seat Belt Repair

You may have stumbled across this website while looking for new seat belts for your vehicle. You have come to the right place. Whether you have been in a serious car accident or just a minor one, or you’re a small shop rebuilding salvage cars off an auction, your seat belts are in need of repair. While many go straight to buying brand new seat belts, there is a smarter and more inexpensive way of fixing your problem. Our company specializes in rebuilding your locked or blown seat belts back to factory condition. The benefits of our services are endless. You are spending hundreds of dollars less than you would if you were to buy brand new seat belts. You are guaranteed to have your seat belts in working condition, fully restored with OEM parts, with guaranteed 24 hour turnaround. The process is simple. Simply take out your damaged seat belts, send them in to us, we repair them within 24 hours, and ship them back to you. This is why many have chosen to take the easier and more efficient route of sending in their seat belts to us for repair. Our brand new website, has been recently launched with an updated interface, making it easier to find your vehicle online and checkout. Whether you see your vehicle on the website or not, we are able to repair the seat belt. We repair single stage and dual stage seat belts, as well as airbag modules. Let us make your life easier by repairing your malfunctioning seat belts back to working condition. Send in your seat belts to us today!