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How To Preserve Fruits And Vegetables

Dash Cluster Repair

Dash Cluster Repair

This year is the third year my husband and I planted a garden at our home. We planted sweet 100s tomatoes, super sweet 100s tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, parsley, dill, and shallots. It’s funny because we have already done this so many times, yet we still have a hard time picturing the harvest we will have. We always look at the baby plants we buy at the nursery and, since they are small, underestimate how much they will produce. As a result, we end up buying way more than just the two of us are able to eat up once the plants have grown and ripened. We ended up giving a lot of what we have to our neighbor, our families, and our friends. The rest we like to eat fresh or incorporate into our everyday meals. We also like to find ways to preserve our produce, so that none of it goes to waste. Below I will write about a few techniques to preserve fruits and vegetables.

One way to preserve produce is to freeze it. Many fruits and vegetables keep well in the freezer. When produce is blanched and frozen soon after harvesting, this can actually be the best way to retain the nutrients inside as well as the color, flavor, and texture.

A second way to keep your produce for a longer period of time is to can it. This is great for products with high water content, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, peaches, and beans. When canning, make sure that you process the cans in boiling water or a pressure canner for the instructed amount of time.

Another route you can take is to pickle your vegetables and even some of your fruit! Cucumbers are usually the first to come to mind, but many fruits and vegetables can be preserved this way! Some great examples would be cauliflower, apples, peppers, and pears. If you like relish, that is also prepared by pickling!

Making jams and jellies out of your produce is another option you have. Now obviously this applies more to fruits, but I have seen some vegetable spreads as well, like hot pepper jam, at my local farmer’s market!

The same way you may want to preserve fruits and veggies so they will last you and not go to waste, you should also preserve other aspects of your life. Think about it, when you preserve your belongings—like your furniture, clothes, vehicle, and actual home—they look great and sustain you for a longer period of time. Take your vehicle, for example. If you perform regular maintenance on it like getting oil changes regularly, switching out the brakes or the car battery, and even getting important fixes like dash cluster repair when needed—it will drive much more smoothly and for a much longer time! Instead of going out and purchasing an instrument cluster repair kit or other supplies for maintenance, you should look into shops that can perform the repairs for you. A quality dash cluster repair shop, for instance, is Safety Restore. Turning to this shop for dash cluster repair will improve the longevity of your vehicle and will save you time, energy, and money from doing the repairs yourself.

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