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How To Add Color To Your Vehicle

purple seat belt webbing

We all know that there are some obvious ways to display your favorite color on or in your vehicle—one of the most obvious being the actual paint job. But besides that, most people get stuck. Some venture out to get steering wheel covers, but those can get tacky really quick. If you are looking to add more color to your vehicle, consider some of the following ways. These will not only make your car look sleek, but you can achieve them without having to break the bank!

One way to add color in your vehicle is to get custom seat covers. You can make the fabric a bright shade or go with a more neutral color and have colorful embroidery. You also have the option of designing your own pattern and having it portrayed on the front or back of the seat covers. This is also a practical way to protect your seats, and you can always remove the covers at any given time!

Another way to add subtle color in your vehicle is to get hydrographic printing on your dashboard. Essentially, this just means that you can display your choice of design on your dash rather than have the standard black or gray background. Similar to the seat covers, you can be as eccentric or subtle as you want to be with this. Sometimes, the littlest change can go a long way and will still give you that “wow” factor you are looking for!

One final way to add color into your vehicle is to get purple seat belt webbing. Most cars are equipped with the standard black, gray, or sometimes tan seat belts. Your purple seat belt webbing will definitely stand apart and be a showstopper! You can get purple seat belt webbing today at the company Safety Restore.

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