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Custom Seat Belt Webbing

Color can affect how you feel.

Custom Seat Belt WebbingDo you feel relaxed in a blue room or does the color red make you feel excited? Colors can affect a person’s mood, emotions, and even feelings. It can signal action and have a strong effect on a person physiological reaction. Artists and designers have been using color in their works to convey certain messages or evoke specific feelings when seeing the color. The famous painter Picasso once said “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”
While some colors can have a varying effect on different people based on there perception of it, there are other colors that have a pretty universal meaning. The color spectrum has a warm and cold side. Colors such as red, yellow, and orange are in the red area. These colors tend to evoke emotions of anger or aggression. Blue, purple, and green are in the blue area and can evoke emotions of sadness or calm.
Color can also be used as a form of therapy or to alter a persons mood in an environment. Some classrooms are painted blue to calm students down in order to create a relaxing environment to learn. Similarly, coffee shops or learning environments tend to stay away from loud colors like red or bright yellow as those convey energy and speed – both of which are not the most effective when trying to sit and get some work done. These colors are best for athletic activities.
With this in mind, next time you decide to paint your room think about what emotion it brings out in you. This is also true outside of a room, like a vehicle. Getting custom seat belt webbing is becoming a new trend and can significantly alter the vibe inside your vehicle. What color would you choose? The standard grey can evoke unhappiness. Red evokes excitement, blue – calmness, yellow – energy, orange – enthusiasm or attention, purple – wealth, or pink – romance. Whether you’d like to make a statement and change the entire color of your custom seat belt webbing or having a dash of color with a line on the webbing you can trust Safety Restore to make your vehicle stand out! (edited)

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