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Seat belt webbing replacement

You may have grown up seeing your older brothers take their cars drifting the second the first snowfall hit. Or, you may have simply grown up hearing about it and always have wanted to try it out for yourself. Many people find drifting very thrilling; perhaps you will too! Before setting off to try it though, perhaps it will help you to read a few tips on drifting first. Below, I will provide you with just that.

First, before you start drifting, you’ll want to practice with a cone. Set the cone up in the middle of a safe location. Then, drive up to it and pull your handbrake in order to do a 180-degree handbrake turn. You’ll want to practice this a few times to get it right—make sure that you are always [...]

purple seat belt webbing

We all know that there are some obvious ways to display your favorite color on or in your vehicle—one of the most obvious being the actual paint job. But besides that, most people get stuck. Some venture out to get steering wheel covers, but those can get tacky really quick. If you are looking to add more color to your vehicle, consider some of the following ways. These will not only make your car look sleek, but you can achieve them without having to break the bank!

One way to add color in your vehicle is to get custom seat covers. You can make the fabric a bright shade or go with a more neutral color and have colorful embroidery. You also have the option of designing your own pattern and having it portrayed [...]

Custom Seat Belt Webbing

Color can affect how you feel.

Custom Seat Belt WebbingDo you feel relaxed in a blue room or does the color red make you feel excited? Colors can affect a person’s mood, emotions, and even feelings. It can signal action and have a strong effect on a person physiological reaction. Artists and designers have been using color in their works to convey certain messages or evoke specific feelings when seeing the color. The famous painter Picasso once said “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”
While some colors can have a varying effect on different people based on there perception of it, there are other colors that have a pretty universal meaning. The color spectrum has a warm and cold side. Colors such as red, yellow, and orange are in the red area. These colors tend to evoke [...]

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