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All You Need To Know About Seat Belts During Pregnancy

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Everyone knows that seat belts should be worn at all times. Isn’t it ironic then that so many pregnant women opt to not wear a seat belt because of the discomfort? If anything, they should have more reason to wear a seat belt, as they are protecting not only themselves but the baby inside of them too! Below I will describe some important information about wearing a seat belt while pregnant.

First and foremost, it is important to look at all the serious pregnancy complications that can occur from a car accident. Depending on how badly a pregnant woman is hurt, she can suffer preterm labor, placental abruption, premature rupture of the membranes (PROM), miscarriage, and sadly, even stillbirth. A few minutes of discomfort are not worth facing any of these complications.

The correct way for a pregnant woman to wear a seat belt is as follows. She should always use both the lap belt and the chest/shoulder strap and both should fit snugly. If there is any slack, the seat belt should be pulled or adjusted to lie firmly against the body. The lap belt should always be strapped below the belly and across the hips—in no circumstance should it be strapped across the belly. The shoulder strap should extend between the breasts and off to the side of the belly—it should never be tucked under the arm, as some people like to do.

It is especially important for pregnant woman to stay safe and alert on the road. A few tips that physicians recommend for pregnant woman are as follows. It is recommended to limit driving time to less than 5-6 hours per day. Also, it is suggested not to turn off the airbags in the car. Instead, the seat should be tilted away from the dashboard and moved back as far from it as possible.

Of course, the seat belts should be periodically checked in a vehicle—whether the driver is pregnant or not. If seat belt repair is needed, it should be done immediately. A trustworthy seat belt repair shop that specializes in single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage seat belt repair is Safety Restore. You can learn more about the company at

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